Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What I Might Want To Do When I Grow Up

Miss S is 9 and a half months now, and she being my last child, I can't help but wonder where my life is going after my stint as Stay-At-Home-Mom is over. Granted this new phase of my life is years away, about 5 years really, but it doesn't stop me from contemplating what my plan of action will be when Career-Woman me emerges.

I want to write. I love writing. It would be so very cool if I could earn a living writing. But when I think about my future as a free-lance writer I don't see myself truly being successful. Not because I couldn't hack it, but because I lack discipline. And I don't want my writing to become a painful chore. I want it to continue to be something I do for fun. So I wonder if there's something I could do that is flexible enough to allow me to structure my day around my kids, give me free writing time, and give me a source of personal satisfaction. Tall order, eh?

The newest kernel of an idea that has planted in my mind is becoming a massage therapist. It's a 3 year program here in BC, and once completed I would be pretty much guaranteed a job, massage therapists are in high demand. I could start massage therapy college when Miss S begins preschool, lucky me one of the provinces three massage colleges is a 5 minute drive from my house. And by the time Miss S begins grade 1, I could begin working at a local clinic.

I of course have a much more elaborate and complicated fantasy involved in my newest career plan that has me being apart of the North Okanagan Birth Centre (to be founded and started by me and some other people) but I'm sure I'll be getting into that later.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Watching Star Wars With A 3 Year Old

A sampling (a very small sampling) of the 4000 question game we play while we watch Star Wars for the 83rd time:
1. Is that outerspace? - Yes
2. Are those robots? - Yes, they're called droids in this movie
3. Are those real guns? - No honey, they're plastic
4. Are those bad guys? - Yes
5. Are they Storm Troopers? - Yes
6. Are they fighting with the good guys? - Yes
7. Why are they fighting? - 'Cause they want to find the rebel base, that' where the good guys are hiding.
8. Is that Darth Vader? - Yes
9. Does he have the force? - Yes
10. Is he a bad guy? - Yes
11. Does he have the dark side? - Yes
12. Is Star Wars real? - No, it's all a story. Everybody on the TV is just pretending. It's all people in costumes pretending to be aliens and robots and bad guys. They're called actors.
13, Is that a person in a costume? - Yes
14. Is that a person in a costume? - Yes
15. Is that a person in a costume? - Yes
16. Is that a person in a costume? - Yes
17. Is that a person in a costume? - Yes
18. Is that a person in a costume? - Yes
19. Is that a person in a costume? - Yes
20. Is Luke Skywalker real? - He's a person pretending to be Luke Skywalker.
21. Is the force real? - No
22. Yes it is - OK
23. The force is real! - OK
24. The. Force. Is. Real! - Yes, the force is real...
24. When are they going to get to the fighting part again?

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Back...

Sometimes it's all about developing and maintaining a habit. I have so many bad habits that I seemed to have unintentionally grown into, and I care and nurture these annoying habits despite my desires not to. So I'm left with a butt-load of personality quirks that I find annoying and bothersome but unwilling to do much about.

In my apathy (oh look, there's one of my annoying habits now) I have let my writing slide. I've come up with a dozen excuses, most involve the kids, as to why I haven't blogged in a really long time. But in the end, I must admit, it's my plain and simple old habits of procrastination and apathy that keep me from blogging.

My challenge now is to make writing a habit. Making time for my writing. Hmmmm, seems so strait forward when I write it out...

Wonder what the kids are up to?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

If Only It Were That Easy

Al: Mom, could you do a web search for me?
Me: Sure, what are you looking for?
Al: I wanna do a contest. Could you type in "contest" in the google box? I wanna win a prize.
Me: You should be more specific, there are tons and tons and tons of prize sites on the web. Tell me what kind of contest you want.
Al: Ok. Ummm... type in "kids can win". No, type in "win big bag of money". Yeah, I want to win a big bag of money. Type that in the google box.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Every Gadget Geek Has His Day

A little over a week ago my husband brought home the latest object of his affection, a 42" LCD flat screen TV. And oh, how he it has captured his heart! Over the last week I have watched my husband fondle the remote, gently caress the shiny black casing, repeatedly go through the menu/setting screen, and of course warn the children of the dangers of the workhouse they'll be sent to if anything happens to the TV.

My husband has always been a new-fangled gadget guy. He loves having the newest, latest, fastest, biggest electronic doo-dad. But the last 5 and a half years of parenthood has matured him to a gadget window-shopper forced to wait and save until we can afford the latest gizmo giving him palpitations (poor man recently found out there's a new bigger iPod and is forced to suffer through life with his puney 80 gigs).

I had already agreed that when we sold our condo we'd use some of the proceeds to buy a new ginormous LCD TV. And so it was with great delight that while we were out buying new living room furniture (an absolute necessity) my dearest husband bought the TV of his dreams. Well, not quite. He scaled down a bit in size for my sake. He really wanted the 60something" TV but knew I'd be all huffy about the ostentatious size and ridiculous price tag, not that our TV was cheap. But I tell you, the pure joy dancing in my husbands eyes as he gently removed the new precious TV from its box, the giddy glee as he asked me for the 156th time "Isn't the new TV great?", his gentle tutelage of our boys as they began their training as future gadget geeks, makes every penny we spent on the TV worth it in my opinion. And yeah, turning out all the lights and pretending we're all at the movie theatre is pretty cool too.

And so, the following is dedicated to my man and his new gigantic TV:

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ah Crud!

So I thought I'd get into blogging, I mean really get into blogging, and join the NaBloPoMo challenge of writing a blog post every day for a month. Yeah, it seemed a bit much but I felt I was up to the challenge. I signed up and registered my blog as a post a day for March participant. Heck, I figured I could at least try. See just how big my creative cahonies are.

Well apparently my cahonies are shriveled nuggets that I seem to have forgotten at the bottom of the diaper bag 'cause it's March 3rd, three days into the challenge, and I totally forgot about it and have not written a blasted post all month. Bah!

And now I am left with having to look back over the last 3 days and examine just what the heck I was so busy doing that I didn't put together 2 other blog posts... laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the floors, playing video games, driving monkey children here and there, complaining that I'm too sleepy, going on a family hike, fantasizing what I'd do if I won the $1000 a week prize on my scratch and win lottery ticket.