Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Next Day

Here I am on day 2 of my ventures into writing... so now what.

I spent the better part of my afternoon yesterday and today wondering what aspects of my life are bloggable. Is bowling with my kids blog worthy? How about the raccoons gettin' it on in my backyard while my boys wonder why those 2 raccoons keep fighting? Or perhaps I could go more eclectic and write about the McDonalds sign that I pass daily; and that they're at last updating the sign so the "billions served" counter that's read 99 for well over a decade is at last retiring it's pathetic attempt to count the burgers passing out its doors and is acquiescing to the standard "billions and billions served".

When faced with the vast potential and creative chasm of the blank page I admit I am intimidated. There are so many amazing blogs out there discussing the relevant themes of our times: human rights, the environment, imperialism. Well written words waxing on pop culture, movies, books, music and life. And those wonderfully kitschy blogs that obsess on the minutia of the world around us; one of my personal favourites is a blog where people send in pictures of objects in daily life that look like human faces :-). How do I find my voice in this cacophony of digital chatter? Does what I have to say really matter? I guess I'm experiencing that pre-party fear that so commonly comes over us 5 minutes before the first guest arrives, what if I throw a party and no body comes?

So here I sit at my computer, the noise of children in the background and a sleeping babe on my lap, sipping stale coffee that had been lovingly ground and perked by my bleary eyed husband too early this morning, pondering my blogging beginnings. And hoping that somebody comes to my party.