Saturday, November 3, 2007

Catching Up

I never got a Halloween post out. I’d intended to describe the insanity of my afternoon trying to keep my children from killing each other during their manic ride to the highly anticipated after-dinner trick-or-treat time. I so wanted to get something out there about how cute my boys were (they were Death and Robin, by the way), and how amazingly heart warming Halloween has become as an event to be shared as a family. But like many things on my way-to-busy mommy agenda, it never happened.

I spent the day after Halloween recuperating. The boys didn't have school and we spent the day coming down from the evening’s festivities, eating way too much candy and general after-holiday hyperness. Then came Friday, then all of a sudden it's Saturday and blogging about the goings on of an event that was 3 days ago became forced. Man, cyberspace moves fast. Or perhaps it’s my life that's charging along at breakneck speed.

If I'm going to write about what is happening for me now I would have to talk about my stumblings into the world of cloth diapers. We did use cloth diapers with the boys, but in the eyes of true cloth diaper users we were cloth diaper cheaters; we used a service both times. But not this go-around. Oh no, this time, with my third and last babe, I decided to join in with those proud cloth diapering mommas and earn my environmentally conscious mommy badge and really cloth diaper. That means buying into a whole system that involves liners, and pockets and folds and snaps and covers. Truly, an engineering marvel. Predictably, I could go on and on about the immense cloth diaper culture that is out there. There are women who create and sew intricate and stunning diapers with embroidery and hand dyed fabric for other women's babies to poop in. Cyber cat-fights break out at various on-line malls as intelligent, caring, and normally sane women virtually elbow each other to the front of the check out line to get the cloth diaper they've deemed to be good enough for their sweet babe's little bum. Of course, the vast majority of cloth diaper users are simply people who prefer to use a more environmentally friendly means of keeping pee and poop off the furniture. Disposable diapers are choking our landfills and wasting irreplaceable resources, don’t ‘cha know.

Wanting to lessen the constant nagging guilt all we educated middle class types suffer from, my husband and I want to use cloth diapers, and I want to get excited about them. Really I do. The flat cotton cloth diapers of my infanthood are still used, but the real cloths diapering passion lies with the cloth diapers that are shaped, fitted, and are surprisingly attractive. These high-end human waste containers aren’t as straight forward to use as your standard issue Pampers. After an exasperated call to a good friend I was made aware that I was leaving out the all too important diaper cover step (that’s what truly keeps the dry side dry). I am sure there will be more exasperated phone calls to be made in the near future, and I’ve yet to catch the cloth diapering shopping/collecting bug, but at least I get to go to bed tonight with the self-satisfaction of someone whose done a good, earth-friendly deed today.