Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Smaller Heart

I am now on week 3 of small town living and I am surprised at how much I am loving it!

Life has definitly slowed to a mellower, less insane pace here in Vernon. It's funny how you don't really realize how manic and harried life can get. We were definitly operating at a pace that no one was liking, but none of us quite knew what it was that wasn't working for us. In Vanouver I was sure I was doing all the "right" mommy things. I had my kids at good schools, had them in enriching after school activities, set up play dates and outings throughout the week. And we were all exhausted. It wasn't until we got here in Vernon that I realized just how over-filled our days were. How over-stimulated the kids were. How way too much coffee I was consuming. It's no wonder I was turning into the snarky, grumpy, your-gonna-have-fun-and-love-this-or-else crazy mommy my children were learning to tolerate.

Here, we know no one. We currently have no friends to visit and the one activity the boys are registered in is a 6 minute drive from home. And it is surprisingly peaceful. And the children are happy. And so am I.


Analisa said...

Wonderful! I so get that! We had a slightly similar change (Dallas-area to Fort Worth-area) and I had the same wonderful experience. We have cut way way back and are so much happier! I re-evaluate all the time, trying to see if anything else needs to be cut out. {{{HUGS}}}

the3rr said...

Take it from someone much your senior, you are still the child you remember. You now have the time to think about your life's passion. One should think long and hard about what's important. Your true reason for being on this planet. I encourage you to blog often, if for no other reason, just to express your thoughts in words. That can be very refreshing, in itself. Do not concern yourself with the witty, well written blogs for you will find your niche. Living in rural america will provide you with many evenings for contemplation. It's a good thing. I suggest it for all people.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see you up and blogging again! I'm definitely into slowing down the pace. Glad you are liking it so much, and hoping to join you there one day not too far from now!