Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why I Am Loving Living In A Small Town

  1. When in line at the supermarket, people actually offer to let me go ahead of them when they see I'm wrangling 3 boisterous children with my left hand while balancing the cantaloupe, jug of milk and deli bbq chicken with my right.
  2. I can drive my oldest to kindergarten, my younger son to preschool, my husband to work and get home before the babe realizes it's been a whole 20 minutes since she last nursed.
  3. When we go to story time at the library there is actually room for my kids to sit and participate without having to elbow the smaller and weaker children out of the way.
  4. People are actually friendly, no kidding, for really and truly, sincerely friendly.
  5. A flock of quails meandered down our street... like they belonged there.

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