Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Every Gadget Geek Has His Day

A little over a week ago my husband brought home the latest object of his affection, a 42" LCD flat screen TV. And oh, how he it has captured his heart! Over the last week I have watched my husband fondle the remote, gently caress the shiny black casing, repeatedly go through the menu/setting screen, and of course warn the children of the dangers of the workhouse they'll be sent to if anything happens to the TV.

My husband has always been a new-fangled gadget guy. He loves having the newest, latest, fastest, biggest electronic doo-dad. But the last 5 and a half years of parenthood has matured him to a gadget window-shopper forced to wait and save until we can afford the latest gizmo giving him palpitations (poor man recently found out there's a new bigger iPod and is forced to suffer through life with his puney 80 gigs).

I had already agreed that when we sold our condo we'd use some of the proceeds to buy a new ginormous LCD TV. And so it was with great delight that while we were out buying new living room furniture (an absolute necessity) my dearest husband bought the TV of his dreams. Well, not quite. He scaled down a bit in size for my sake. He really wanted the 60something" TV but knew I'd be all huffy about the ostentatious size and ridiculous price tag, not that our TV was cheap. But I tell you, the pure joy dancing in my husbands eyes as he gently removed the new precious TV from its box, the giddy glee as he asked me for the 156th time "Isn't the new TV great?", his gentle tutelage of our boys as they began their training as future gadget geeks, makes every penny we spent on the TV worth it in my opinion. And yeah, turning out all the lights and pretending we're all at the movie theatre is pretty cool too.

And so, the following is dedicated to my man and his new gigantic TV:

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