Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

I often forget that people actually read this blog. That there are people out there who want a sort of conclusion to events. So to satisfy those of you who have been asking what's happening with our house hunt, it's been postponed.

We did put an offer on a very sweet little house a week or so ago but it fell through because the seller didn't want us to have the qualifier that our townhouse had to be sold before we officially bought their house (we own a yet-to-be-completed townhouse in Vancouver and are now selling the yet-to-be-an-actual townhouse, ain't real estate grand?!?). So after talking to the major players in our confusing and dizzying real estate interests we decided to just call the whole thing off until the town house is actually sold and money is in the bank. It'll all be a whole lot less stressful and scary that way.

It sucks to wait though. I'm no good at waiting. I become paranoid and imagine future scenarios where all the good houses are sold and by the time we're ready to buy all that'll be left on the market will be mobile homes and a darkened fixer-upper wreaking of cat pee and stale tea formally owned by some cranky old shut in who died watching TV. Yes, I'm obsessing.

So now I wait. Wait for someone to buy my piece of paper that says they get to buy a Vancouver townhouse whenever it is that they finish building the darned thing (again, ain't real estate a hoot?!?). Wait for the right house to come along. Wait, wait, wait... and try not to obsessively go through the real estate listings looking for proof that our perfectly wonderful family home has been scooped up by some other lucky couple and we are now relegated to living in milk cartons.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it fell through. Waiting for something to just happen "in good time" is hard. You KNOW It will happen...eventually. I'm certain you won't miss out on the perfect house for you.

Amazing and crazy things can and do just happen. :)