Monday, February 4, 2008

When The Party Girl Matures

It’s been exactly one month since we moved here from Vancouver.

We left the small 2 bedroom downtown condo that my husband and I bought when I was pregnant with our oldest. We left Stanley Park. We left the hustle and buzz of streets that never sleep. We left prolific, cheap, tasty sushi. We left the 2 block walk to the spectacular views of English Bay. We left the uncompromising, unabashedly beautiful diversity of the West End. We left the rain. We left our standing super-fun family outing of taking the little taxi boats across the mouth of False Creek to spend the afternoon shopping and eating and bird feeding/chasing at Granville Island. We left our amazing friends. We left the home my children were born in. We left our community. We left the only place in the world until now that I ever really called home.

I miss Vancouver.

But I am very happy and at peace with our choice to move to Vernon. I love it here. The peace and quiet. The happy and friendly people. The slower pace. The lakes. The mountains. The wineries and orchards. The freedom that comes from not having to worry about what the neighbours are thinking as my kids leap off the coffee table and thud onto the floor for the 16th time thus rattling loose what I am sure are huge chunks of ceiling from above my very patient and tolerant former neighbours' heads.

I'm as surprised as anyone to hear myself say this but, life is good here.

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Anonymous said...

Aw man, the way you describe the West End makes me miss it, too!