Friday, February 15, 2008

A Week With Me

Whoa, that week went by fast! Amazing how little one can get done in 7 days.

Let's see, in the past week I had a birthday (turned 33 by the way), ate at one of Vernon's 2 sushi places (twingeing with Vancouver homesickness), began our search for a house, fell madly in love with a house, put in a offer, decided the owners of the house I was in love with were unreasonable and greedy so backed out (perhaps I was being a bit rash but they were pissing me off, I mean who says they'll take the appliances if we don't offer full price?), made Earl Grey teas with generous doses of brandy for my poor sick husband, and had too many sleepless nights because the boys were waking up and playing musical beds and Miss S felt that it was perfectly reasonable to use my breast as a teething toy all night long. Oh, and the money from the sale of our condo got deposited into our back account (woooo hooooo!).

So we continue the search for our Vernon home. It would probably be a good if I could just relax and enjoy the process but I can't shake the obsessive notion that this is THE house I will be raising my children in. This is THE house I am committing to for the next 20 years. Not only do I want a home that my children can happily roam the streets in, free to fully express their natural wild thing tendencies, but also a home where my future teenagers won't complain that there's nothing to do so they might as well take up binge drinking by the creek. I know, totally unreasonable, they'll be binge drinking no matter where we live.

But still I can’t shake the idea that I can find that house, that home, that my kids can grow up in, come home to when they leave for school/work/travel, and my grandkids can happily spend the weekend in (gotta love how I become transfixed by events that may or may not happen 30 years from now). By the end of our house hunting I’ll probably have driven myself completely out of my skull with my unreasonable expectations, but at least I’ll have gotten a house out of it.

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Niki said...

Congrats on selling your home, sounds like your liking Vernon :)